Nanobot 4

Nanobot 4 is the complete rewrite of our nanobot IRC bot. This version is written in Ruby as opposed to previous versions which were written in Perl.
The bot has been redesigned to be more flexible and extensible and relies heavily on threading for fast parallel pocessing of messages and increased robustness. It is able to accomodate for exceptions and crashes happening inside plugins. The bot will continue to run normally regardless of any problems in a plugin. In many cases a crashing plugin will even still work apart from the function that's causing the crash to happen.

You can get a the latest version from our git server by cloning the repository:
git clone
View the code here
Documentation is on the wiki
Bug reports and feature requests go on Redmine

Shell automation

Various bits of automation for the shell:
User interface
Worker agent
Management interface

Click Farmer

Shell script to do page requests via a proxy list.
Customizable URL, referer and POST data.
Based on wget. View source


This is a very early BETA attempt at scripting a version of JaSager that does not require a fon router.
If it doesn't work: sorry about that. Our bad.
Please share your experience with us, as it may well help development!
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File integrety checker

This script can be used to check if files have been modified since they were last checked.
Not that this is still a very early BETA! Know issues include: a lack of protection of sha1 sums should the system be compromised and overwriting the sha1sums for files with the same name in a different directory. For these (and other) reasons we don't reckomend using it in a production environment.
To get started with this tool, modify the directory where you want your sha1 sums stored and the directories you want to have checked. Next run the script with the -m option to create the initial sha1 sums.
There is no option included for periodic checking, so if you want this use the cron daemon or something similar to schedual checks.
When using scedualed checks it makes sense to use the -cf option to write an output file and have that emailed to you.
I'll be fixing some issues and adding directory size checks as soon as I have some time to work on it.
For now, it can be a helpful tool to dectect something bad happening on your system, but the old saying still rings true; Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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All major browsers have patched this, making them lie about the current style property. SiteSpy does not work anymore in modern browsers.

SiteSpy is a JavaScript based project that checks if users have recently been to certain websites.
Though this started as just a proof of concept, it could for example be used for targeted advertising, user profiling, tracking of online activity or to see if someone has visited any of your other websites recently. Most of this is sortof creepy stuff, so lets hope it doesn't catch on. xD
It works by drawing a link to the website in memory, and then checking what color the browser wants to draw it in.
This way it can be determined if the link is in the browser history.
All the sites it checks are listed in an array, which should be pretty obvious when you look at the source. If you want to use this script to do something else with the results then put them on a webpage, you'll have to re-write the display() function.
Oh, and the demo doesn't do anything with the data, check the source if you don't believe me. Of course I could have planted another one in this very page and it could right now be sending your history over the internet...
*hands out complementary tin fail tin foil hats*
UPDATE: There seem to be issues with newer versions of Internet Explorer. We're working on it.
UPDATE: Totally fixed it for IE and put some extra awesome sauce on it.
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View running demo

This website

Yes, you can now download the template for this very website!
Isn't that nice?
Well, I thought it was anyway.
But getting to the point, I'm releasing it under the GPL, which means you can use, modify etc. it all you like as long as you say 'I got it from that man.' (For details, see the GPL included in the zipfile.)
The site is made to allow for easy scaling and adding new stuff.
It requires php5 to be installed on the server you'll be hosting it on.(Even though it'll probably work fine with earlier version.) Other then php, it uses CSS and xhtml 1.1.
Note: This template uses the old stylesheet for this site since the new one has some tricky compatibility issues.
If you really really want the new one, contact me about it.
UPDATE: Fixed a page injection vurability in the menu.
Demo site.
The template site files


There are currently a few projects for Grand Theft auto IV in the works at
And we're happy to be helping out on some of the development / projects / parts of the creative process.
One of those is a total conversion mod called GTA Eemnes.
Total conversion means that almost nothing will be the same. New world, buildings, cars, characters etc.
Just to explain; Eemnes is the town (sorry, city) the larger part of the team lives.

There's a bunch of cool tools and smaller mods being developed and worked on all the time though, so go check out some of their work on the Project page.

Insomnia BBS [discontinued]

[The current system does work, but development on new features has been discontinued due to a lack of public interest. So if you are interested, please contact us about it.]

An old school, easy to run, easy to use BBS (Bulitin Board System) writen in Perl.
This was specificly made to have as little as possible overhead so it will run on just about anything that has Perl installed. So get your telnet clients out and dive into the past!
View source
Download source

But what about that one thing I heard you were doing?

There's always tons of small projects that I'm working on, or stuff for University that I don't post here.
Either because it's not a perticularly good example, just not interersting, too small to mention here, I haven't had the time or whatever else.
If there is something you know I've been working on, feel free to contact me about it.
Either by e-mail, IRC, skype or whatever other methode you can find.