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New website is live
25 Oct 2021

We've launched our new website! Don't see a difference? That's fine. Is it actually better than the old site? Nobody knows. I mostly re-wrote it for fun rather than any practical necessity.

Newer hash database is here
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We've had a database of md5 and sha1 hashes for some time but we have now expanded the password list it was built with, as well as added sha256 hashes.
It now contains 1012039833 passwords and their md5, sha1, and sha256 hashes.
You can query it here.
For more info, see the wiki page.
We have also released the source code for the API interface as well as the generator script we wrote for the purpose.
Update: The database now contains 1425466767 passwords, and there's still some password dumps left we need to process.

Released bmp encoder
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We've just released a simple Ruby script that allows any arbitrary data to be stuffed into a valid .bmp image. It's something we needed for a small project but who knows, it may be useful to you too. You can find it over on our Gitlab.

Corporate espionage game
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Who doesn't enjoy some good corporate espionage?
Go play! You can also track your progress on our old hacking challenges there.
Wargames server